"chers collègues" en anglais

Comment dire "chers collègues" en anglais, la traduction "chers collègues" en anglais :

Chers collègues

Dear colleagues

Chers collègues

Distinguished colleagues

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  • Therefore, Mr President, echoing the prudent major ity view of my colleagues on the Committee of Econo mic Affairs, I drew up a report containing all the well balanced views of my distinguished colleagues.
  • And yesterday, Mr President and dear colleagues, we witnessed respected and respectable people defending the sacred anti humanitarian principle of 'business is business'.
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • distinguished colleagues, let me point out the priority problems that have to be carefully addressed under the conditions of widening regional conflicts.
  • PINTASILGO S . PT Mr President, dear colleagues, in my opinion this resolution does not con cern either support for women or even women's rights.
  • It is important and we have distinguished colleagues on the praesidium to help to lead this debate that this is a well managed Convention.
  • Chairperson, Excellencies, distinguished delegates, colleagues and friends from the United Nations system and non governmental organizations,
  • Mr President, dear colleagues, the first duty of a democratic society is to ensure that its retired people have a decent standard of living.
  • But, colleagues, I realize, as you will, that I am follow ing a long line of very distinguished presidents who have held this office.
  • A neutral, objective judgement will serve the cause and the individual concerned, condemnation of colleagues by colleagues will not.
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