"chers collègues collègues" en anglais

Comment dire "chers collègues collègues" en anglais, la traduction "chers collègues collègues" en anglais :

Chers collègues collègues

Dear fellow colleagues

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  • Earlier this week I gave many well deserved thanks to the Commission and Mrs Schreyer, my fellow rapporteur my colleagues in the Committee on Budgets and our dear Chairman, Mr Wynn et al.
  • And yesterday, Mr President and dear colleagues, we witnessed respected and respectable people defending the sacred anti humanitarian principle of 'business is business'.
  • More important is how much stronger, more capable, and more resilient we help our colleagues, partners, children, and fellow citizens become.
  • So, dear colleagues, let s have our archives, inventories and catalogues ready, to help trace the material, should it disappear.
  • Mr President, dear colleagues, please forgive my in sistence, but I shall be returning to this subject frequently. quently.
  • I remember once on the boat coming over from England. There was dear little curlyheaded fellow, he must have been about...
  • My dear colleagues, I would like to remind you all therefore that Europe has a very strong presence in Italy at this time.
  • And d Artagnan pushed the half stupefied mercer among the Guards, saying to him, You are a shabby old fellow, my dear.
  • I give you my congratulations, my dear fellow she is a charming mistress, and it isn't everybody who has the chance.
  • Madam President, as my dear friend Elly will know, I will do anything to make her and my Dutch colleagues happy.
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