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Comment dire "cher ami" en anglais, la traduction "cher ami" en anglais :

Cher ami

Dear friend

Cher ami

Dear buddy

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  • dear President Sepi, dear President Barroso, dear presidents of national economic and social councils, dear members of the panel, dear members of the EESC,
  • My dear friends, the next offering in our little musical program will be Chopin's 11th Étude, as played by our dear, dear friend, Prince Potopienko.
  • Ah, yes dear friend to an Englishman, interrupted Athos well commenced Bravo, d Artagnan
  • Alas, dear friend said Aramis, our late adventures have disgusted me with military life.
  • Time, dear friend, time brings round opportunity opportunity is the martingale of man.
  • With the same amiability one tolerates only from a very dear and close friend.
  • Intact, my dear friend besides the harness of your Bucephalus and mine.
  • When you played the lead in this film, dear friend, it was an experiment.
  • And you, the daughter of my dear friend and benefactor, Colonel Bisbee.
  • My dear friend, why did you ruin my comforting resolution of that day
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