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Comment dire "chacun et tout le monde" en anglais, la traduction "chacun et tout le monde" en anglais :

Chacun et tout le monde

Each and everybody

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  • So we started to have early team meetings, and we got everybody together, and it was really more like therapy in the beginning, convincing each other and reassuring each other that we could actually undertake this.
  • They're all trying to write over each other's head and impress each other And by doing so, they make economy sound so complex that everybody thinks well, I can't understand economics.
  • So when I do these classes live, all assignments are on a group, and they evaluate each other, not everybody gets the same grade.
  • That intersection doesn't always create a view of everybody now understands everybody, and everybody appreciates everybody.
  • Furthermore, each and everybody would be forced onto the labor market because they would have to starve otherwise.
  • everybody I mean, we debate over what's fair but everybody agrees that harm and fairness matter.
  • That everybody won't see it, that everybody wont join you, that everybody wont have the vision.
  • And of course, everybody got it. everybody went, Yes, of course, you're absolutely right.
  • You just build social networking and everybody informs on everybody else for you.
  • And I want everybody downstairs also to join in with me and everybody here.
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