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Honey sweet

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  • These names may be replaced by the simple product name honey , except in the case of filtered honey, comb honey, chunk honey or cut comb in honey and baker's honey.
  • If you enjoy delicious morsels you won t find anywhere else, then you will like Štramberk ears, a sweet pastry made of honey spiced dough shape like twisted ears.
  • Possibly yet why should I, if I can get sweet, fresh pleasure And I may get it as sweet and fresh as the wild honey the bee gathers on the moor.
  • A bitter sweet embrace with a city and cherished friends with whom I shared so many defining experiences during the utter despair of the siege.
  • Until the Community adopts identical technical specifications for honey, 'bakers' honey' and 'industrial honey' may also be marketed as honey.
  • The unique flavor of the cake is from the blending of the bitter almonds with the sweet honey and the refined taste of the butter.
  • sweet Coreopsis grandiflora sweet American Tickseed Cyanotis axillaris L. sweet Dillwynia pungens sweet Benth.
  • Multi flower honey is light to dark coloured, aromas are complex owing to the mixture of nectars, taste is very sweet.
  • Little by little the buzzing died down and the disemboweled hive yielded several pounds of sweet honey.
  • Well, the words of Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou just now have been as sweet as honey to my ears.
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