"ces gars" en anglais

Comment dire "ces gars" en anglais, la traduction "ces gars" en anglais :

Ces gars

These guys

Ces gars

Those guys

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10 exemples phrases

  • And after these guys bump into those guys, those guys are going to go back to where they were.
  • And so these guys are going to run into those guys, who are going to run into the next guys.
  • So that clearly didn't do a lot to make these guys or in particular these guys, any happier.
  • Oh, that's him, that's Haslam, that's Koston, there's these guys, these are the guys.
  • So how do these guys then monetize those infected computers
  • And those guys, those were like, ultimate heroes.
  • Well, these guys measured all of those things.
  • these guys are using this very successfully.
  • those guys yesterday were just local boys.
  • So just these guys essentially cancel out.
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