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Centrale onde

Wave power plant

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  • For more than 30 years, Pakistan's two nuclear power plants, the Karachi Nuclear power plant and the Chashma Nuclear power plant both of which operate under IAEA safeguards have had excellent operational and safety records.
  • nuclear installation means a nuclear fuel fabrication plant, research reactor including subcritical and critical assemblies , nuclear power plant, spent fuel storage facility, enrichment plant or reprocessing facility
  • Lin Tsung yao 林宗堯 , member of the Fourth Nuclear power plant Safety Monitoring Committee, has called upon the Taiwan power company to do a thorough reevaluation of construction of its fourth nuclear power plant
  • A project is also under way involving the transfer of experience on nuclear power plant and safety management, through the twinning of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with the Dungeness A nuclear power plant.
  • Activities of the programme will include preparation of complete demonstration power plant conceptual design s and exploration of the potential of stellarators as a power plant technology.
  • According to Taiwan's existing schedule, its first nuclear power plant, launched in 1978, will be decommissioned in 2018, while the second nuclear power plant will operate until 2021.
  • and modernisation measures of the Lithuanian Thermal power plant in Elektrenai as the key replacement for the production capacity of the two Ignalina nuclear power plant reactors and
  • DEMO DEMOnstration power plant is a proposed nuclear fusion power plant that is intended to build upon the expected success of the ITER experimental nuclear fusion reactor.
  • Include all the consumption by auxiliary plant for example power stations and steam plant even if they do not function solely for the iron and steelworks plant.
  • Its four main business areas cover power generation, power transmission and distribution, metallurgy and electrical plant building and infrastructure.
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