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Capteur de courant

Current sensor

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  • This is an empty space in a worksheet. Drag a sensor from the sensor Browser and drop it here. A sensor display will appear that allows you to monitor the values of the sensor over time.
  • Its sensor beams look both forward and backward at the same time, allowing it to do new exploration while it's still achieving geometric sensor lock on what it's gone through already.
  • sensor shift The sensor capturing the image can be moved in such a way as to counteract the motion of the camera, a technology often referred to as mechanical image stabilization.
  • The sensor browser displays the registered hosts and their sensors in a tree form. Click on the tree handles to open or close a branch. Each sensor monitors a certain system value.
  • MEDLI instrumentation consists of three main subsystems MEDLI Integrated sensor Plugs MISP , Mars Entry Atmospheric Data System MEADS and the sensor Support Electronics SSE .
  • The key element of all optical stabilization systems is that they stabilize the image projected on the sensor before the sensor converts the image into digital information.
  • The sensor what's so cool about it is it is 168 times faster, over 26,000 times less expensive and over 400 times more sensitive than the current method of detection.
  • Before attaching the coolant level sensor to the coolant tank check that it registers the correct empty, 1 2 full, and full positions on the current Commands page
  • The sensor openings were all located together on one of the eight panels, 90 degrees from the solar panels, and protected in by a single sensor cover.
  • At the time of their release, the K20D and GX 20 had the highest resolution sensor in the APS C image sensor format at 14.6 megapixels.
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