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Capteur de choc

Shock sensor

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  • Portable electric shock devices, including but not limited to, electric shock batons, electric shock shields, stun guns and electric shock dart guns having a no load voltage exceeding 10000 V
  • This is an empty space in a worksheet. Drag a sensor from the sensor Browser and drop it here. A sensor display will appear that allows you to monitor the values of the sensor over time.
  • MEDLI instrumentation consists of three main subsystems MEDLI Integrated sensor Plugs MISP , Mars Entry Atmospheric Data System MEADS and the sensor Support Electronics SSE .
  • The angle between the normal of the sensor plane and the line connecting the midpoint of the sensor and the light source shall be 10 .
  • It's a heat sensor and when he gets near the flame, the heat sensor lets him know gives him a reaction away for the flame.
  • For the Multi Pilot Pro package, we have seen so far the sound sensor and the sensor type opening
  • Anaphylactic reaction, anaphylactic shock including fatal shock, hypersensitivity, urticaria
  • This means that the sensor is passing the current If I shake the sensor the Led turns off
  • In case of shock, standard medical treatment for shock should be implemented.
  • Today, we will see the use of a new type of sensor Vibration sensor
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