"capacité de montée subite" en anglais

Comment dire "capacité de montée subite" en anglais, la traduction "capacité de montée subite" en anglais :

Capacité de montée subite

Surge capacity

Capacité de montée subite

Surge capability

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  • The Nieuwe Waterweg will be protected by dikes up to the location of a storm surge barrier, the Maeslantkering at Hoek van Holland, and the Hartelkanaal will be protected up to another storm surge barrier, the Hartelkering.
  • Unlike GnRH agonists, GnRH antagonists do not induce a LH surge with subsequent testosterone surge tumour stimulation and potential symptomatic flare after the initiation of treatment.
  • Dealing with any surge of asylum seekers will require the EU to strengthen its capacity to offer temporary protection and possibly to reconsider how its overall asylum system works.
  • A sudden surge in long term interest rates would also risk triggering a sharp reversal of the surge in housing prices witnessed in the US and many other countries in recent years.
  • The Committee has recommended general temporary resources in several cases below, instead of approving new posts, where it believes that there is a need for surge capacity.
  • Despite this, Obama is pursuing a military surge in Afghanistan but an aid surge to Pakistan, which is now the single largest recipient of US assistance in the world.
  • Economy of effort is also required, not only to reduce costs but to ensure that a surge capability exists and to make sure that scarce resources are husbanded wisely.
  • The Committee notes from paragraph 21 of the budget that this follows Base policy to discontinue hiring individual contractors for non core work and surge capacity.
  • A further capacity increase, which seems to have taken place since then, seems to have been the cause of the 2003 surge in Syrian exports to the Community.
  • 29. Also decides to appropriate 500,000 dollars under general temporary assistance to provide surge capacity for the Department of Safety and Security
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