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Comment dire "camarade professorale" en anglais, la traduction "camarade professorale" en anglais :

Camarade professorale

Professorial fellow

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  • Gareth Evans, Australia s Foreign Minister from 1988 96, is Chancellor of the Australian National University, professorial fellow at the University of Melbourne, and President Emeritus of the International Crisis Group.
  • Thomas Tom Cavalier Smith, FRS, FRSC, NERC professorial fellow born October 21, 1942 , is a Professor of Evolutionary Biology in the Department of Zoology, at the University of Oxford.
  • professorial associate, Law School, University of Melbourne Principal Patron, National Disputes Centre President, Australian Institute of International Affairs.
  • Wagner, Faust's former student who has meanwhile achieved professorial status, attempts to eliminate this previously unavoidable prerequisite for all human life.
  • Indeed, sir The occupant of a professorial chair at the Johannæum unable to explain the reason of a cosmical phenomenon Why, it would be simply disgraceful
  • All those ingenious professorial combinations were coming right. He was right as to the arrangement of the letters he was right as to the language.
  • In 1805, he obtained a professorial chair in Göttingen and published the following year Monographie Coleopterorum .
  • The author affirms that the quality of his work had been confirmed by three professorial reviewers.
  • He affirms that he was denied the confirmation of his professorial appointment without reasons.
  • In 1849, he was offered a professorial post by the University of Zurich, which he accepted.
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