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Comment dire "camarade professeur" en anglais, la traduction "camarade professeur" en anglais :

Camarade professeur

Fellow teacher

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  • teacher training colleges, home economics teacher training colleges, child welfare teacher training colleges and needlework teacher training colleges are either private, self governing institutions or run by the State.
  • In Vaughan Williams's words, It was now that Holst discovered the feeling of unity with his fellow men which made him afterwards a great teacher.
  • She was the homeroom teacher for Tom's classmate and fellow guitarist Adam Jones, of the band Tool, while teaching at Libertyville.
  • In 1896, Whittaker was elected as a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and remained at Cambridge as a teacher until 1906.
  • teacher training and the teacher training curriculum 298 301 62
  • You know, my science teacher was not an accredited teacher.
  • The new teacher is more like a friend than a teacher.
  • teacher training and the teacher training curriculum
  • Give the teacher whatever the teacher wants.
  • Stop that fellow Stop that fellow
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