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Comment dire "camarade phd" en anglais, la traduction "camarade phd" en anglais :

Camarade phd

Phd fellow

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  • At the beginning of the meeting now in an embeddable format Igor Shoikhedbrod, a fellow PhD student at the University of Toronto, issued a moving tribute to Alex, not just as his colleague, but as a friend of the Sodiqov family
  • Your obituary of William Woodruff Sept 25 states that in 1946 he resumed economic history at Oxford and in 1950 became a Houblon Norman research fellow... while simultaneously studying for a BSc, an MA and a PhD .
  • The company has three joint research laboratories CFL, LOF and LPMA , which bring together permanent researchers from the CNRS and Rhodia, plus PhD and post PhD students.
  • Waksman was then appointed as Research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley from where he was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy PhD in Biochemistry in 1918.
  • PhD in Business Administration The PhD trains future professors, researchers and consultants at the highest international level.
  • In the same period, 98 PhD students earned their PhD degrees, out of which 36 are men or 75 , and 12 of them are women or 25 .
  • f PhD completed PhD at University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, in 1998 majoring in Law of Intellectual Property
  • Smith says she imposed many an annoying question upon this friend, a fellow student in a PhD program.
  • Catherine Heathcock's unpublished PhD thesis contains a complete catalogue of Dismorr's works.
  • Professor of Economics Fundación Ortega y Gasset , PhD in European Economy , 1995 2003
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