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Comment dire "camarade musicien" en anglais, la traduction "camarade musicien" en anglais :

Camarade musicien

Fellow musician

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  • fellow musicians and singers were universal in their praise of Jackson, most calling him the greatest , and even the far from modest Jelly Roll Morton ranked Jackson as the only musician better than Morton himself.
  • Guyana Media Arts calls Jackson the world's greatest musician , and admits the news of the singer's death still hasn't really sunk in, while fellow Guyanese blogger The Intellectual Elite says
  • The only mistake is if I'm not aware, if each individual musician is not aware and accepting enough of his fellow band member to incorporate the idea and we don't allow for creativity.
  • There he met native Irish speaker and musician Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, the daughter of famed musician Proinsias Ó Maonaigh from Gweedore.
  • Sébastien Katie Rox In November 2010, Lefebvre announced a band project with fellow Canadian musician Katie Rox Sébastien Katie.
  • So she was like that jazz musician friend you have who never studied music but is a terrific musician
  • In the past, Bobi Wine was known for the use of marijuana and beefing with fellow musician Bebe Cool.
  • Fulbright fellow, Aggrey fellow, tenable at Yale Law School, 1963 1965.
  • She had a son, Bongani, in 1985 by a fellow Big Dudes musician.
  • musician comedian Victor Borge also played Bösendorfer pianos.
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