"bravo les gars" en anglais

Comment dire "bravo les gars" en anglais, la traduction "bravo les gars" en anglais :

Bravo les gars

Well done guys

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10 exemples phrases

  • vahncitis gun_zlinger You guys have deserved the karma that you guys, the majority, have done ThaiElection Yes, we'll enjoy this good karma. .
  • This is an online thing done by guys who had some visual effects experience.
  • How can you guys say something so important after you're done eating
  • Why am I shooting these guys, tell me, what have they done
  • Oh, you guys are missing out, if you haven't done it yet.
  • Enough guys, I'm done for tonight I'll go home and sleep.
  • Hey, you guys. well, I'm collecting today for a change.
  • well, I think these guys are relatively interested.
  • He is not saying, well, there were some nice guys.
  • They had arguments with the security guys as well.
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