"bonjour mes chéris" en anglais

Comment dire "bonjour mes chéris" en anglais, la traduction "bonjour mes chéris" en anglais :

Bonjour mes chéris

Hello my dears

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  • hello Daniela, hello Dailyn. hello Marcos I go to speak a moment with my mom, my house is your house.
  • 'Oh, my poor little feet, I wonder who will put on your shoes and stockings for you now, dears
  • Well, as I always say, my dears the fairest flower in Scotland grows on the highest bough.
  • I'm coming. My dears That solid mountain of flesh is going to marry a jockey.
  • Well, this is the largest, but a merry Christmas to us, my dears.
  • My dears, I hear that he can't think unless he plays his tuba.
  • hello. My name's Georges Herbillon, the brother of...
  • L know I'm doing the right thing, my dears...
  • Come say hello to my cousin Melanie first.
  • hello, my little currency exchange bureau.
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