"bonjour chérie" en anglais

Comment dire "bonjour chérie" en anglais, la traduction "bonjour chérie" en anglais :

Bonjour Chérie

Hello darling

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10 exemples phrases

  • hello, I need a little companion for my darling, to play with her in the morning and in the afternoon. In order to study.
  • hello, Effie darling My, how fortunate you are to have such a distinguished visitor Yes.
  • Oh, darling, I know your nerves are just as strained as mine. hello.
  • Well, hello, my little darling. What have you got there
  • hello, hello, hello... screaming guitar distortion
  • hello, darling. I have a marvelous surprise for you.
  • darling hello You're so slim, I could kill you.
  • hello, hello, hello, darling darling All right.
  • No, I want another drink. hello, Judith, darling.
  • hello, darling. These cream horns look nice.
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