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Comment dire "avec tout le monde" en anglais, la traduction "avec tout le monde" en anglais :

Avec tout le monde

With everyone

Avec tout le monde

With everybody

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  • I mean, we basically sat down with everybody in and out of schools with ministers of education, holding these press conferences, which of course, now were loaded with press, everybody was there.
  • I have one thing to say, even if you disagree with this. It's not charity, it's solidarity from everybody to anybody everyone participates, even the refugees.
  • everyone in your country has been touched by the violence, the bloodshed, the pain, the horror, everybody.
  • Every member of Congress, everybody in this room, probably, especially everyone in this room.
  • What's happening is that everyone whose downloading the file is sharing with everyone else.
  • On the Internet, everybody can have a channel. everyone can get a blog, or a MySpace page.
  • Now, everybody is divided into micro societies, it's hard to be liked by everyone.
  • at regular intervals , generally with catastrophic consequences for everybody.
  • And I want everybody downstairs also to join in with me and everybody here.
  • Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everybody knows that.
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