"avec des collègues" en anglais

Comment dire "avec des collègues" en anglais, la traduction "avec des collègues" en anglais :

Avec des collègues

With colleagues

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10 exemples phrases

  • I much enjoyed working with my colleagues, Mr Gargani, Ms Frassoni, Mr Swoboda and other colleagues in the Council and Parliament, even though it was a painfully protracted process.
  • My under standing is that my Danish colleagues will be voting against, my British colleagues will be voting against and my Spanish colleagues will be voting for.
  • Icons like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and their colleagues will be teaming up with icons Jabbar, Noora, Jami and their colleagues.
  • Obviously our decisions were taken after considerable thought and discussion, both with my colleagues and with my bosses.
  • Many of my colleagues I hope all my colleagues feel that we are dealing with a very unsatisfactory situation.
  • Other esteemed colleagues from his delegation are also leaving Geneva together with Ambassador Celso Amorim.
  • with a group of colleagues, I established a modest cultural group, with no external support whatsoever.
  • He shied away from the inevitable confrontation with critics among whom were friends and colleagues.
  • As Socrates rapporteur, I fought for this together with my colleagues, ultimately without success.
  • You just need to commit yourself with your network of friends, neighbors, family and colleagues
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