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Comment dire "autres dirigeants" en anglais, la traduction "autres dirigeants" en anglais :

Autres dirigeants

Fellow leaders

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  • Finally, I think that, as my fellow Member has said, the summit of Least Developed Countries is being held at this very moment with the European Parliament, including European leaders.
  • A nation could put its own former leaders on trial, as the Argentines did in the 1980 s with the generals responsible for the disappearance of more than 5,000 fellow citizens.
  • The arrogant leaders of his people said, Shu'ayb, we will expel you and your fellow believers from our town unless you return to our faith.
  • We would tell our fellow Americans what a great country this is to visit and pressure political leaders to strengthen ties with Mexico.
  • because you're the leaders, the innovation leaders, the thought leaders.
  • You're not going after that fellow That fellow... your lifelong friend
  • Fulbright fellow, Aggrey fellow, tenable at Yale Law School, 1963 1965.
  • He's a leaders' Quest fellow, and that helps him with his work.
  • He once practically saved my life. Great fellow, great fellow.
  • fellow human beings are suffering in a fellow ASEAN country.
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