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  • There are other areas in other parts of the Community, both in the United Kingdom and else where, going through the same process.
  • In other words, the EEC States must coordinate their policies more efficiently or else create other policies. cies.
  • If somebody else wants to promote some other model like the clubbing type , that s their right.
  • Neither Members nor anyone else should smoke anywhere other than in the designated smoking areas.
  • But computers don't do much else other than speed up the process of compiling dictionaries.
  • There are no other mentions or references to ostriches anywhere else on his Twitter feed.
  • In other words, if we do it everywhere else, we will probably include the pigmeat market.
  • In their statements... ... they said there was no one else other than Cemre in the house.
  • On the other hand, some people are asking if the riot was instigated by something else.
  • Work and support myself and not depend on other people for happiness or anything else.
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