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Articles coûteux

Expensive items

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  • All those expensive items were given to her as gifts by her boyfriend, who used to be a board member in a subdivision of Red Cross at Chamber of Commerce.
  • Consumers are also increasingly tempted to buy even more expensive items across borders, like washing machines, fridges, financial services and cars.
  • They belonged to the then social elite and led an expensive life made more pleasant by luxurious utility items, artefacts and amenities of that time.
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • Organic items are 10 or 20 more expensive than regular produce, so most of us naturally buy less when we go organic.
  • At that time, aluminium was as expensive as silver and was used mostly for luxury items and jewellery.
  • Instead, it's gone up by that amount. So it's expensive. expensive things hurt families.
  • And the more expensive the gas, the more expensive the electricity and heating.
  • Most people don't want the most expensive, they don't want the least expensive.
  • However, it can have features such as giving undue weight to expensive items.
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