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Comment dire "agitant autour" en anglais, la traduction "agitant autour" en anglais :

Agitant autour

Flailing around

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10 exemples phrases

  • Commentators are consumed by politics, flailing away at any available target, while the anti austerity masses apparently believe that there are easy cyclical solutions to tough structural problems.
  • This was to reduce the segment assets by around ... , from around EUR ... in 2001 to around EUR ... in 2006.
  • You're obviously flailing here. Let me put you out of your misery and buy your company from you.
  • And I put the rope around and around and around and around and around till I had no more rope.
  • I couldn't move because of the sand, but there you were right in front of me flailing around
  • This song might be called The Boys, but it's definitely an arm flailing dance for girls only.
  • Left click rotates around center, right click around highlighted position.
  • Asia revolves around ASEAN, and the Americas around NAFTA and Mercosur.
  • We make deceptive flailing gestures all over the place all day long.
  • He went around once, he went around twice, he went around thrice.
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