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Comment dire "achat compulsif" en anglais, la traduction "achat compulsif" en anglais :

Achat compulsif

Impulse buying

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  • The result has clearly generated a new political impulse, which will not be confined to Nicaragua alone a political impulse which the Commission is constantly monitoring.
  • One impulse behind America's international engagement, and one of the great sources of its global power, has been its enduring impulse to make the world a better place.
  • Maybe you're buying a car, you're not buying a car for leisure purposes, you're buying a car because you need your car to go to work.
  • The nerve impulse starts with a receptor, a specialized part of each nerve, where the electrical impulse begins.
  • Kaufhold, Roland Bettelheim, Ekstein, Federn impulse für die psychoanalytisch pädagogische Bewegung.
  • If there is any impulse which contributes to good research it is the impulse of pure curiosity.
  • Now, marketing has done a very, very good job of creating opportunities for impulse buying.
  • Why is the creation, the impulse to create Second Life, not a utopian impulse
  • 1 2002 impulse conference for kindergarten and primary school teachers
  • This provided an impulse for foundation of the new Citizens Brewery .
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