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Comment dire "absorbeur de choc avant" en anglais, la traduction "absorbeur de choc avant" en anglais :

Absorbeur de choc avant

Front shock absorber

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  • To the extent that euro area investors are assigning a higher weight to portfolio investment in euro area countries and banking integration increases as well risk sharing in the euro area increases a very important shock absorber .
  • Portable electric shock devices, including but not limited to, electric shock batons, electric shock shields, stun guns and electric shock dart guns having a no load voltage exceeding 10000 V
  • Ireland s accumulation of wealth during its Celtic Tiger period, when the country surged toward the top of Europe s economic league table, has also been an effective shock absorber.
  • With limited labor mobility, and the euro removing the other shock absorber exchange rate adjustments , great pressure will fall on those countries with the worst downturns.
  • Peter Kenen argued in the late 1960 s that without exchange rate movements as a shock absorber, a currency union requires fiscal transfers as a way to share risk.
  • When an object such as an aircraft also moves at the speed of sound, these shock waves build up in front of it to form a single, very large shock wave.
  • The teacher has in front of him a row of levers labeled from 15 to 450 volts and a row of switches labeled from slight to severe shock.
  • With policy adjustments failing to keep pace with shifts on the ground, an appreciating dollar has assumed the role of shock absorber.
  • However, these three sectors functioned as the economy's shock absorber and managed to provide employment at the time of crisis.
  • If no moisture absorber is present, or if the moisture absorber is not intact, do not use and return system to the manufacturer.
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