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Comment dire "a tout le monde" en anglais, la traduction "a tout le monde" en anglais :

A tout le monde

Has anybody

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10 exemples phrases

  • However, ladies and gentlemen, neither the European Union nor anybody has a miraculous solution.
  • What people has never been expelled or has never expelled anybody from its territory
  • We're wondering if anybody has any information on the death of Charlie Bucket.
  • Yeah, except... Except what Except it never has worked out for anybody else.
  • Uh, but... Look, my philosophy has been, I will take ideas from anybody,
  • I don't know whether anybody has a Prius 2004, but they're fantastic.
  • I don't know if anybody has gone this far into just quietly looking.
  • And as you all know, anybody with cancer has to get follow up scans.
  • I do not think anybody in this hémicycle has seen that resolution
  • So anybody who's ever looked at ants has seen them touch antennae.
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