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Comment dire "évaluations coûteuses" en anglais, la traduction "évaluations coûteuses" en anglais :

évaluations coûteuses

Expensive valuations

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  • This development, which could not be fully anticipated in 1993, created an upward effect on the valuations of BT's and Kingston's networks and can explain why their valuations were significantly increased in 2000 and 2005.
  • It is both expensive and largescale because expensive agreements tend to be largescale and largescale agreements expensive.
  • The fixed asset valuations were also found to be stated in accordance with national accounting standards.
  • This , in turn , further inflated valuations based on very favourable expectations of future returns .
  • UNDP will carry out future valuations with the same frequency as the United Nations Secretariat.
  • The question is whether stock valuations are excessive relative to future earnings potential.
  • Another major challenge when undertaking economic valuations is the issue of monetarization.
  • We have national debt, Detroit, currency valuations, healthcare, all these issues facing us.
  • a Form of presentation of results of actuarial valuations resolutions 48 225 and 47 203
  • These projects have usually involved valuations of these companies using various methods.
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