"évaluation des enseignants" en anglais

Comment dire "évaluation des enseignants" en anglais, la traduction "évaluation des enseignants" en anglais :

évaluation des enseignants

Teacher evaluation

Évaluation des enseignants

Teacher rating

évaluation des enseignants

Teacher assessment

évaluation des enseignants

Teachers assessment

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  • teacher training colleges, home economics teacher training colleges, child welfare teacher training colleges and needlework teacher training colleges are either private, self governing institutions or run by the State.
  • Female Co education a Including head teachers and assistant head teachers however, excluding teacher posts filled on a temporary assistance basis and additional teacher intake planned for the school year 1993 94.
  • adopting a comprehensive approach to competence development, encompassing curricula, learning materials, teacher training, personalised learning, and assessment techniques.
  • g Special attention given to 107 single teacher and dual teacher schools, organizing teachers apos support days and adapting textbooks to local realities.
  • teachers are trained at two universities, two teacher training institutes and three teacher training colleges.
  • Thank you, Mr Rossner, for your stimulating lecture on the assessment for language teacher education.
  • c Provide for quality materials, ongoing teacher training and support teachers.
  • teachers, leave them kids alone Hey, teacher Leave us kids alone
  • teacher training and the teacher training curriculum 298 301 62
  • You know, my science teacher was not an accredited teacher.
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