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10 exemples phrases

  • As a budding writer, I so wanted to meet a Motswana writer, or a Black South African writer, just so my dream could look more real.
  • Yes This person is the beautiful writer of our Morning in Kyeongseong , writer Lee Go Eun.
  • Starting from Top writer Lee Mi Hun, writer Kim, writer Park, all others, put them through.
  • I call myself a writer and started filling the dotted lines for occupation with writer.
  • Do you regard yourself as a St. Lucian writer or a Caribbean writer, primarily
  • Hornby's sister, writer Gill Hornby, is married to writer Robert Harris.
  • This is writer Lee Go Eun, the writer of Morning of Kyeong Seong .
  • The writer The writer is the most complex of the three automata.
  • 1950, writer Ernest Hello 1828 1885 , writer Viktor Lazlo, b.
  • The only writer that has a contract with us is just writer Lee.
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