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Comment dire "à chérir" en anglais, la traduction "à chérir" en anglais :

à chérir

To be cherished

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  • When it comes to what makes Nice an internationally renowned city, apart from its climate and coast, credit must also go to the many tourist attractions among them the Cours Saleya which ought to be cherished and conserved.
  • cherished memories, cherished communities proto nationalism in Tibet , in The History of Tibet Volume 2, The Medieval Period c. AD 850 1895, the Development of Buddhist Paramountcy , 492 522, ed.
  • Recognizing that while all democracies share common features, differences between democratic societies should be neither feared nor repressed, but cherished as a precious asset of humanity,
  • As regards the importance of purely feminine studies which you say should be recognized and cherished in the Member States, the situation is difficult to manage in the Community ambit.
  • Lastly, we should emphasise the need for a 'New Attitude' with respect to the elderly, seeing them as an important new resource that should be cherished not as a burden on society.
  • He used to say that the great collections of stories from the East were like encyclopedias, storehouses of wisdom and knowledge ready to be studied, to be appreciated and cherished.
  • It was a definition much cherished by all Committee members, including himself, but it was not a widely supported one and it might be inappropriate to seek to impose it on a State.
  • Already, Chinese officials ham handed response to the award has undercut their cherished and lavishly financed mission to project China s soft power around the globe.
  • Mankind has always cherished the utopian dream of a world in which man would no longer be a danger to his fellow man, and in which peace, justice and equity would prevail.
  • After decades of dictatorship, the people have shown what the political priority must be democracy and freedom take precedence they must be cherished and safeguarded.
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